Truth and Politics

Read John 18:33-38a

The passage highlights Jesus’ Kingdom of truth, emphasizing the significance of adhering to God’s absolute truth over emotions and societal norms. Jesus clarifies that His Kingdom’s power comes from Heaven, operating by a different set of rules.

The core message revolves around the importance of absolute truth as the instrument God uses to call people into His supreme Kingdom. It condemns the relativistic mindset that has led to moral decline and urges believers to pledge allegiance only to God’s Kingdom.
Truth is absolute, fixed, and revealed in God’s Word. Operating by the truth means embracing God’s principles on various subjects. Many suppress God’s truth, ignoring or denying it, leading to moral decline and consequences from God.

Let’s return and seek God’s truth. Let's prioritize His rule in our lives and align our lives with God's purpose and design.

1. Do you ever struggle with what God’s word says about areas like relationships, ethics, sexuality, and salvation verses what you hear, see, and experience in your everyday life all around you?

2. How do you navigate the struggle between God’s word and the conflicting messages, experiences, and influences you encounter in your daily life concerning things like relationships, ethics, economics, sexuality, race, and politics?

3. How can you skillfully navigate challenging conversations with wisdom, tact, and grace while upholding God's truth and respecting differing perspectives?
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