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Current Sermon Series

What it Really Means to Do Life Together
Pt 1 Our Brand – Love One Another
Pt 2 Let It Go
Pt 3 We Need Proper Encouragement
Pt 4 My Pleasure
Pt 5 Help Made Available
Pt 6 Sharpening
Pt 7 Mind Harmony
Pt 8 Embraced

Sunday, September 8, 2019: Reverend Ronald E. Jones

Pay Attention and Finish Strong

Sunday, September 1, 2019: Minister Jimmy Cardentey

Called to Love

Previous Sermon Series

Pt 1 Daily Training
Pt 2 God’s Word in Living Well
Pt 3 Prayer in Living Well
Pt 4 True Worship
Pt 5 Tell the World
Pt 6 Service is King
Pt 7 Kingdom Giving
Pt 8 Mature Time Management
Pt 9 Fellowship with Believers
Pt 10 We Need to be Reminded